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Go-to partner for any sport brand that wants to sell online.
Our Services:

Paid Advertising

Ads, Just Ads.

Boost your sales with expert-driven paid campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Target your audience effectivelly and watch your conversions climb.


Website Optimization

CRO Tactics.

Maximize profits without extra ad spend. Our CRO tactics enhance customer journeys, lifting your average order value and conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email/SMS Campaigns.

Turn emails into sales. Engage and retain customers with targeted email/SMS campaigns that build loyalty and increase lifetime value.

What We Do:

We Help eCommerce Businesses Scale Up To 6 & 7-Figures.

Who else should skyrocket your sales but professionals closely focused on the sports industry?

One Sole Focus

We do one thing – we do it with monastic focus, and we do it better than anyone else. If you’re seeking a general agency that offers a full-service solution for everyone but won’t move the needle forward – we’re not for you.

If you’re looking for an agency that has mastered just a single industry, brims with enthusiasm, is sharp as a tack, and excels even further in their field – we’re for you.

More About Services…
Onboarding Process:

Stop The Scroll. Sell More.

Step 1:

15-Minute Free Demo Call


During our 15-minute demo call, we give you a clear picture of how we work. We start by sharing insights into our past collaborations and our agency’s values. Then, we ask targeted questions to understand your business better. This helps us tailor our approach to fit your needs.

At the end of the call, we decide together if it’s beneficial for both sides to schedule a longer format call to explore potential futher collaboration.

Step 2:

The Second Call

You’re almost there! 

Everything looks great after the Demo Call, so we schedule a second call for a more detailed consultation. In this call, we dive deeper into your specific requirements, objectives, and expectations. We outline potential strategy steps tailored to your business and discuss the terms of the contract. Once everything is agreed upon, we proceed to sign the contract and officially onboard you as a client.

Onboarding Completed

Congratulations! Welcome aboard to PowerPlay!

Our team is here to support you every step of the way through the onboarding process and beyond. We’ll set up an account for anyone from your team on our main platform, where all the communication will take place. You’ll be in touch with our team there,  have access to all the analytics, victories, and much more. We’ll furnish you with all the information and resources to ensure a seamless start.

To kick things off, we’ll schedule a kickoff call to set everything in motion and get the ball rolling!

Why Us:

Our Philosophy.

We do away with the the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most agencies.

Direct-to-Expert Agency

Traditional agencies add layers between you and the doer, slowing things down and reducing transparency and quality. With PowerPlay, you’ll always talk directly to the expert who gets things done.


We understand how important it is for you to always have a direct line with the person responsible for managing your campaigns. Our team is available and we work fast.

We stay lean

We limit the number of clients we work with in order to ensure that your account gets the attention that it needs.

Case Studies:

Real Success Stories.

Amp up brand recognition and online sales for Tracksmith’s top-tier running apparel.

Doubled website visits and snagged a 15% spike in Insta followers in just one month, proving that precision targeting on Instagram can pay off big for niche sportswear.

Website Visitors
0 X
Instagram followers
0 %

Boost sales for personalized fitness plans.

Scored a 4X increase in plan purchases within two months, leveraging Instagram’s immersive format to engage fitness enthusiasts and drive conversions.

Plan purchases
0 X

Drive sales for outdoor equipment.

Achieved a 3X increase in website visits and a significant boost in sales, leveraging Instagram’s visual appeal to highlight the variety and quality of products.

Website visits
0 X
In sales
0 %

Drive conversions for sports nutrition supplements.

Achieved a 4X increase in sales, leveraging Facebook’s video advertising to capture attention and drive purchases.

In sales
0 X

What Our Clients Say?

Jakub Hašek


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Ad Spend
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